When coming from work or somewhere and you hope to find a properly sealed garage door, most times, you will find it open. It can be quite bothersome dealing with a garage door that won’t stay closed. Here is a simple guide to help you in unraveling the mystery and fixing that problem real quick.

Check Obstructions: Observe surroundings of your garage door. Objects as tiny as a pebble sitting on the floor can trigger the safety sensors of the garage door to operate, making it recoil.

Sensor Malfunction: The malfunction of sensors normally causes it to stop and reverse. Look for blinking lights in the sensors which may be an indication of a problem. Among the most common problems that may arise from your sensors include blockages, dirt, loose wire, or misaligned sensors. 3. Logic Board Problems

Check Out The Garage Door’s Brain: Much as a computer motherboard, your logic board runs your door. Over time, it can get burnt out and subsequently make the door behave unexpectedly. This item replaces the logic board. 4. Limit Switch Adjustment


An adjustable limit switch controls your door’s operation. If your door reverses prematurely or before closing completely, the adjustment may need to be made. Have a flathead screwdriver in hand.

Distance Counts: This setting will adjust how far your door travels before deciding to close. Weather changes can cause issues with this and require a reset of the setting. 6. Interference Issues

Unwanted Signals: Sometimes, it can be the code of the garage door of your neighbor that could cause your doors to open by themselves. Changing the code may solve the problem. 7. Power Surges

Electrical Glitches: Your door can be disrupted by a sudden flight of power. It’s less common, but just worth considering. 8. Off Limit Settings

Proper Calibration: Incorrect limit adjustments might give a wrong impression to the door that it is not fully closed and hence it would reopen. Adjust downwards, if required.

Safety First: Inspect and service your garage door on a regular basis as it is imperative in terms of convenience and safety of yourself and your loved ones. DIY Fixes: Most issues can be dealt with by simple adjustments that you can do yourself. Consult a Pro such as Little Rock Garage Door Repair: If the above advice does not correct the problem, then it is time to consult. Always remember that your garage door is a part of your home security. Keep it in check for better peace of mind.

Mechanical Issues: The folks over at Clopay Door say: “When your springs or rollers are worn or misaligned, the door has to work harder to close. This excess friction can cause the door to stop closing.” This can cause a rebound effect when the door does not shut all the way.

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