Whitetail Deer Hunts

Our deer hunts are fair chaise and conducted on private property which Silver Creek Outfitters either own or retain exclusive hunting rights to. We are hunting in the big buck country of Trigg and Christian counties in western Kentucky, which is known for its record book deer. The hunter has the option of hunting different types of cover ranging from open fields to heavy dense timbers. The guides will of course scout all properites and determine the movements of the deer. Once we determine their movements, we can appropriately place the hunters where they have the best opportunity to harvest their game. Hunting will take place from permanent blinds already setup. Hunters are welcome to bring their own portable blinds or tree stands in case they would like to move to another location which doesn’t have a blind setup. Many baited blinds and food plots are setup to attract more deer and into closer range for a more ethical shot. Special accomodations can be made for those hunters whom are disabled or require assistance (place call in advance to allow us time to make the appropriate arrangements to make your hunt comfortable).

Hunters will be shown to their stand location the day prior to the start of the hunt. Orange tape and reflectors have been placed along the trails to easily guide the hunters to the stands in the dark. Guides will be available on the property at all times to help the hunters whenever needed. Hunters can contact the guides by cell phone if assistance is needed prior to any scheduled contact. Hunters are also welcome to bring their own ATV / ATC to help in their hunts. We are here to cater to you.


The number of deer hunters per year is held to a minimum so as to maintain a high level of large bucks. Besides only allowing a small number of deer hunters, we encourage all hunters to harvest bucks with at least 8 points and a spread of at least 16 inches (a spread past its’ ears). Should a smaller buck be harvested, there will be an additional $400.00 fee will be added to the hunt cost.

Persons under 16 years old hunting deer with a firearm or muzzleloader must be accompanied by an adult who shall be in a position and able to take immediate control of the junior hunter’s firearm at all times while hunting. All resident and nonresident hunters born on or after January 1, 1975, must carry a valid hunter education course completion card while hunting. Children under 10 years old may hunt without a hunter education card, but must be accompanied by an adult who can take control of the firearm at any time necessary. No one adult shall accompany more than two children at one time.

All hunters choosing to hunt from any elevated blind (either your portable or our permanent) must wear a saftey belt at all times.

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